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for Pedro Ximenez
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Alvear Sherry Cream  750ml     
COLOUR: Rich brown colour. NOSE: Wonderful nutty  more
Sku: 1657214  
Reg. $18.99
On Sale $16.89
Alvear Sherry Fino  750ml     
COLOUR: Pale straw in colour. NOSE: Fresh, ... more
Sku: 1073336  
Reg. $18.99
On Sale $16.89
Alvear Sherry Mediium Dry  750ml     
COLOUR: Light amber in colour. NOSE: Classic ... more
Sku: 1926959  
Reg. $18.99
On Sale $16.89
Alvear Sherry Pale Cream  750ml     
COLOUR: Gold pale in colour. NOSE: Delicate and ... more
Sku: 1073335  
Reg. $14.99
On Sale $13.39
Barbadillo Sherry Oloroso Dulce San Rafael  750ml     
Auburn/tawny color. Smells immediately of raisins, more
Sku: 1443618  
Reg. $30.29
On Sale $26.99
Barbadillo Sherry Pedro Ximenez  750ML     
Sweet sherry produced by the traditional system ... more
Sku: 17242
Reg. $15.99

Non-discountable item
Barbadillo Sherry Pedro Ximenez La Cilla  750ml      
Chestnut brown color. Smells of prunes, black ... more
Sku: 1443619  
Reg. $32.49
On Sale $28.89
Hidalgo Cream Sherry Morenita  750ml     
Morenita-meaning the little brunette-refers to ... more
Sku: 1261261  
Reg. $14.19
On Sale $12.59
Hidalgo Jerez-Xeres-Sherry Pedro Ximenez  750ml     
Made from 100% Pedro Ximenez (PX) grapes that ... more
Sku: 1028255  
Reg. $28.29
On Sale $24.99
Mas Igneus Priorat Barranc Dels Closos Blanc 2013  750ml     
Notes of white currants and raisined fruit ... more
Sku: 1990836  
Reg. $24.99
On Sale $22.29
Mayu Pedro Ximenez 2013  750ml     
The 2013 Pedro Ximenez is from very old vineyards  more
Sku: 1930592  
Reg. $19.49
On Sale $17.39
Osborne Jerez-Xeres-Sherry Medium Amontillado  750ML     
  Sku: 6787
Reg. $13.99

Non-discountable item
Toro Albala Don Px Gran Reserva 1983  750ml     
The 1983 Don PX Gran Reserva has been aged in old  more
Sku: 1882184  
Reg. $38.99
On Sale $34.69
Williams & Humbert Sherry Dry Sack Medium  750ML     
Produced since 1906, Dry Sack is easily ... more
Sku: 2395
Reg. $18.99

Non-discountable item
Williams & Humbert Sherry Solera Especial Dry Sack 15 Year 2020  750ml     
Dry Sack 15 Year-Old is a rare indulgence to be ... more
Sku: 1961251  
Reg. $29.29
On Sale $25.99
Wisdom & Warter Cream Sherry Delicate  750ml     
Vineyards: La Bodogonera vineyard in the heart of  more
Sku: 1014023  
Reg. $17.99
On Sale $15.99


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